Music City Code 2016

18-20 Aug 2016, Nashville, United States

Music City Code conference strives to inspire progress in the technology community through education, professional development & thought leadership.

Music City Code 2016 is a three-day event touching on all aspects of software, web and mobile development. The event includes workshops, seminars, panel discussions, open spaces, lightning talks and the Geek Jam Lunch where attendees participate in the Music City experience.

Agile enthusiasts should also check out our new sister conference, Music City Agile, which is scheduled for Wednesday, August 17th!

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UPDATE: MusicCityCode 2017 will be held the first weekend of June (1st - 3rd) at Vanderbilt University! More information at

Arlan Nugara

Arlan Nugara


Arlan Nugara has been a web developer and software architect for over 14 years at Alvarnet Corporation. He has spent most of his time working with the Microsoft technology stack and applying it to the technology needs of large corporations such as financial institutions, telecommunication and wireless equipment companies. He has a real passion for ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) and DevOps and is always looking for ways to work smarter and not just harder.

Brant Wheeler

Brant Wheeler


Brant is a senior software developer at Swimlane, a security operations management platform, where he primarily works on the backend and data storage layer. When not slinging code, Brant enjoys running and attempting DIY home improvement projects.

Byron Sommardahl

Byron Sommardahl


Byron has been developing software since he was 9 years old, coding RPG's on his Commodore 64 and his best friend's Apple IIe. When he was just 14, he developed a driver dispatch program for a large home repair company, a pawn shop management program, and a POS for clothing stores (that one is still in production). Since then, software development has been a constant and consuming passion for Byron. In 2010, Byron and some friends founded a software development company, Acklen Avenue, that has now grown to more than 50 distributed employees and runs multiple simultaneous agile software development projects daily. Byron is a true believer in anything that improves software maintainability, usability, and delivery.

Cameron Presley

Cameron Presley


Cameron Presley is a software engineer, avid board gamer, and drummer living in Oak Ridge Tennessee. He’s currently a software engineer at InVizion LLC, helping project managers make better decisions. When not developing software, he spends his time mentoring other developers by working with them to improve their career through one-on-one sessions as The Software Mentor.

Chris Gardner

Chris Gardner


Chris Gardner is a developer for CareEvolution, the Chairman of the DevSpace Technical Conference, and a Microsoft Certified Trainer Regional Lead. Tortured by years of contracts that valued buzzwords over results, Chris has developed a true passion for finding solutions that fit the problem, not the technology of the week. Chris received his M.S in Computer Science, B.S. in Mathematics, and B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Alabama in Huntsville and is currently a Certified ScrumMaster and a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer, Professional Developer, Information Technology Professional and Trainer.

Chris Riesgo

Chris Riesgo


Chris leads the mobile team at LeanKit as Director of Mobile Architecture. He is a Microsoft MVP and Xamarin MVP with more than a decade of C# experience developing enterprise applications. He has spent the last several years building professional mobile apps on the Xamarin platform. In his spare time he blogs about Xamarin, organizes and presents at the Nashville Mobile .NET Developers Group, and enjoys helping others learn.


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Joel Emerson
· 3 years ago
Is the messaging service still working? If I send a private message to someone, are those messages still getting forwarded to their email address? Thanks...Joel
Joe Kunk avatar
Joe Kunk
· 4 years ago
How do speakers get a copy of the headshots taken while at the conference?
Mik 780 avatar
Mik 780
· 4 years ago
I'm looking forward to the event and spending some time in Nashville!
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Thena Berry
· 4 years ago
I'm looking forward to presenting at the event.
Ian Lee avatar
Ian Lee
· 4 years ago
I'll be assisting in the Microsoft IoT workshops. Come learn to put a "thing" on the Internet!

Kirsten Jones

Ed Charbeneau avatar

Ed Charbeneau

Developer Advocate, Telerik
Missing avatar

Kevin Kline

Technology Evangelist
Chris Riesgo avatar

Chris Riesgo

Director of Mobile Architecture
D. Jr. avatar

D. Jr.

Chief Nuisance
Chris Gardner avatar

Chris Gardner


Lauren Hasson

Manager, Software Engineering

Elijah Manor

Senior Software Engineer

Chris Woodruff

Managing Partner
Pete Brown avatar

Pete Brown

QA Engineer

Lisa DiVirgilio

Marketing Director
Georgiana Gligor avatar

Georgiana Gligor

Chief Tekkie Officer
George II avatar

George II

Missing avatar

David Laribee

Jay Harris avatar

Jay Harris

Problem Solver
David Neal avatar

David Neal

Software Developer
Ian Lee avatar

Ian Lee

Chief Architect

Louis Davidson

pgauthier 107 avatar

pgauthier 107

Sr. Manager Application Development
Jesse Phelps avatar

Jesse Phelps

Music City Code 2016 is a three-day event touching on all aspects of software, web and mobile development. We purposefully select content to ensure a good mix of technologies that reflect the Nashville development community. The event includes workshops, seminars, panel discussions, open spaces, lightning talks and the Geek Jam Lunch where attendees participate in the Music City experience.

The Music City Code conference is organized by developer community leaders who have collectively formed a minority-led non-profit organization in Tennessee (TN Control 000822893) which is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) public charity. MCC organizers and crew members are volunteers, and all monies collected from sponsors go towards the conference and its related expenses.

Form 1023, Application for Recognition of Exemption Under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code

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